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Wound   uard


WTG Biotech's first product innovates wound closure and healing by providing support to stabilzie the wound. Without touching the wound, our device helps reduce scarring, wound dehisence, and chronic wounds.

Prevention Keeps Us Happy and Healthy

WTG's innovative design has many features that other designs lack. There is nothing like WoundGuard protection and support.


Tape, Zip Ties, Lasers, or WoundGuard?

Do you really want to hold your body together like it is a public school project? Do you want to wait a year after the procedure to fix the visibly damaged healing?

Just use WoundGuard to prevent scarring in the first place while keeping you from feeling and looking like a class project.


Who We Help



•Lower risk of chronic wounds

•Lower risk of reopening

•Lower risk of fragile scarring

•Increases confidence


Health Providers

•Lower risk of readmittance

•Lowers risks from patient noncompliance

•Increased patient satisfaction

•Improved cosmetic outcome



•Increase government reimbursement

•Increase patient turnover rate

•Improve clinical reputation and data

•Insurance covers the cost of the device

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